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Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide

Have you dreamt of having an extra comfortable living area that gives you a wide view of your beautiful outdoor garden? One that not only acts as a living area but also an entertainment and relaxation space?

(To get a unobligated quotation or free advise from our specialists, please contact us without hesitation. You will also directly get a $200 voucher)

Well, you might be very close to fulfilling your desire. In this guide, I will explain to you what exactly you need in order to achieve all this kind of space in your house by introducing a sunroom enclosure. Please feel free to look into our portfolio for more details of our sunroom expertise.

Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide

Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide

What is a sunroom enclosure?

A sunroom enclosure refers to a structure with clear windows that are built attached to your house for the purpose of providing additional space. Such a structure is well designed to offer a wide view of your surrounding scenery. You can view the home garden without you experiencing the effects of the ever-changing weather conditions.

Why You Need Sunroom Enclosure for Your Pools?

Wouldn’t you find it amazing being able to enjoy your swimming pool for longer periods all year round? If you have been dreaming of this, then a sunroom enclosure would be the ideal option for you to fulfill this dream.

A screen enclosure provides shelter and will prevent you from the harsh weather conditions experienced all year round be it summer or winter. A sunroom enclosure is definitely an asset to your property. Honestly, you’ll have a higher chance of getting prospective buyers easily as compared to a home that lacks one.

Having an extra space outside your house that allows you to interact with the outside environment while enjoying indoor elements is such a good feeling. A sunroom will give you a clear and better view of your surrounding scenery be it an ocean, forest or just your captivating home garden. It will make your relaxation more comfortable.

Sunroom enclosure will greatly minimize your expenditure on heating pools. This is brought about by the transparent design that allows solar energy into the enclosure which not only heats the enclosure but also the swimming pool.

Main Sections of Sunroom Enclosure


A sunroom enclosure is made of different parts and components. Any sunroom enclosure needs a frame which is responsible for offering the main support. Being a strong metal, extruded aluminum is mostly preferred by many.

Not only is it strong but also durable due to the unique chemical properties it possesses. And that’s not enough, extruded aluminum is also resistant to rust and corrosion making it the ideal material to use in any type of environment.

To add to that, not only is it nontoxic but also recyclable without losing any of its properties. All these factors render it one of the best types of materials to use for your sunroom framework.

Roof and Walls

As for the roof and walls of your sunroom enclosure, there are two major types of materials that are commonly used. I am talking about glass and polycarbonate.

Glass for sunroom enclosure

Have you come across a glass structure and thought to yourself how classy it appears? Well, the crystal clear reflecting design of glass does the whole magic in transforming the general appearance of a place.

However, here is what you need to know before opting to use glass for your sunroom enclosure.

To start with, glass is an expensive material as compared to its alternatives such as solid polycarbonate. Also, glass is fragile and heavy. Meaning that you could incur extra costs during transportation.

Making it one of the popular glazing materials used not only for sunroom enclosures but the overall types of enclosures. However, if you are on a budget this might not be the ideal material for you.

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Polycarbonate for sunroom enclosure

Polycarbonate is one of the most popularly used materials. More popular than glass.

First, let me start by saying that it is much affordable as compared to glass. A reason as to why most people settle for it.

Also, solid polycarbonate is durable and unbreakable. Did you know that it can last for as long as 25 years? Polycarbonate sheets are designed to last for decades without losing much of their properties.

To add to that, they block harmful UV rays from accessing your sunroom enclosure. As a result, it protects you from the hazardous effects of UV rays.

This Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide tell you, all these benefits make polycarbonate stand out when building a sunroom enclosure of your choice.

Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide Ideas

· Sunroom enclosure Lighting

As soon as darkness sets in, your sunroom enclosure might turn out to be a “cave” due to lack of lighting. Introducing lighting in your sunroom enclosure brings about a lively atmosphere. Besides, it prolongs your stay and makes it more comfortable.

You can make use of flickering colored bulbs more so if you are planning to use your sunroom enclosure for entertainment purposes. As for a quiet and relaxing theme, then I would advise you to settle for a less bright LED light bulb.

Depending on the purpose of your sunroom enclosure, you can introduce some unique lighting techniques that may otherwise greatly suit your needs. Silhouetting involves placing a light bulb behind a specific feature in order to achieve an illuminated backdrop. On the other hand, highlighting refers to positioning a light bulb beneath a specific feature.

In that, as you adjust the lighting you are able to focus on a specific feature that you want to highlight.

· Sunroom Enclosure Construction Process

This Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide wants you to know, building a sunroom enclosure might seem such a difficult task to many.

Step 1: Prepare the foundation

A foundation is the main section of any type of building or structure.

Step 2: Set up the framework of your enclosure

In this step, you will put up the walls of your sunroom enclosure.

Step 3: Fix the door

For the purpose of enhancing privacy and security, you will have to mount a door.

Step 4: Install the glazing material

This is the final step whereby you can either use solid polycarbonate sheets or glass just as I mentioned earlier in this guide.

Quality Standards for Sunroom Enclosure

Whenever you are looking for an enclosure, quality is very important. So, what exactly should you look for?

. Wind rating for Sunroom Enclosure

Before installing a sunroom enclosure, it is wise for you to consider the climatic conditions of your locality. Some areas are prone to harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes. Meaning you will have to invest in materials that can greatly withstand the experienced weather.

. Snow rating for Sunroom Enclosure

For instance, if you live in a snow prone area then you should invest in the best quality materials for your sunroom.

. Material quality for Sunroom Enclosure

Making use of high-quality material will definitely offer you better services as compared to the low-quality ones. You will not only have less maintenance but also cost-effective climate control.

Take for instance solid polycarbonate and extruded aluminum. These two materials are not only easy to clean but also considered of high quality with more durability.

This Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide wants you to know, cheap is expensive, meaning it’s better for you to settle for a high-quality product other than a much cheaper product with a low quality that wouldn’t last long.

Top Sunroom Enclosure Manufacturers in the Global Market

There are lots of manufacturers worldwide that deal with sunroom enclosures. However, not all have been recognized in the global market. Here are some of the top Brand sunroom enclosure manufacturers in the global market.

1. Excelite

Excelite is one of the leading manufacturers of enclosures in Asia. Its production of high-quality goods at affordable rates has attracted several clients leading to its market expansion to Europe.


If you are in the United States and in search of a sunroom, then TEMO would be an ideal choice for you. Having been in the market since 1970, it is clear that they have good experience in the manufacture of sunroom enclosures.

3. Fresh Outdoor

Fresh Outdoor is an Australia based company that deals with home exteriors such as sunrooms, pergolas, patio covers, and carports. It is one of the leading manufacturers of sunroom enclosures and louvred pergolas.

4. C-Thru

C-Thru is a company that manufactures patio covers, all sunrooms, screen enclosures, conservatories among others.

5. Palm Beach Enclosures

Palm Beach enclosures deals in the building of sunrooms, pool enclosures, patio covers, solariums just to mention a few. It is one of the best manufacturers in America.

6. Joyce Manufacturing

It is a family-owned as well as a family operated company that manufactures the latest designs of sunroom enclosures.

As you can see, in This Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide there are several manufacturers for sunroom enclosures who are ready to deliver to you at any time and in any of your preferred locations.

Conclusion of Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide

Finally, we can conclude that a sunroom enclosure is one of the most helpful structures to consider if you want to experience an outdoor feel while enjoying indoor elements.

This includes enjoying a hot tub or swimming pool experience as you can also install one inside your sunroom enclosure.

I believe that after reading this Sunroom Enclosure Buyers Guide, you are well oriented on the various properties of sunroom enclosures including building one on your own.

Purchase a sunroom enclosure from a reputable company today and live to enjoy all the outdoor benefits at the comfort of your indoor structure in the years to come.

Should you require any further assistance after reading this Pergola Buyers Guide Series,  please feel free to get in touch with the Fresh Outdoor team today on 18008 37374. Our team of experts can surely provide advice and help you find the perfect solution for your outdoor project.