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Smart Pergolas are a spectacular focal point for backyard patios, decks, pool areas, and open-air commercial spaces, offering weather protection and an element of luxury. These stylish shade structures have become one of the trendiest additions for residential and business properties over the past few years—so what is fueling the growing demand?

Let’s explore some of the top reasons why pergolas have become the “must-have” accessory for outdoor living and enjoyment.

#1 Luxurious Outdoor Environment

Louvred roof pergolas are one of the most versatile structures for transforming outdoor areas into functional spaces that can be used rain or shine. Whether you’re looking to create an alfresco kitchen, a shaded pool retreat, or a covered seating area for guests to dine, a pergola with an automated louvred roof brings a new level of luxury and convenience.

#2 Complete Control of Sun, Shade & Airflow

A motorized pergola allows you to adjust the angle of the louvres depending on the weather and time of day. In this way, you control the amount of light, airflow, and temperature so unpredictable weather doesn’t interfere with your outdoor entertainment or plans.

#3 Sleek, Stylish Design

Smart Pergolas

Smart Pergolas

For a modern look, choose a box frame pergola with clean and simple lines. Beams and rafters with blunt ends create a streamlined look that complements the clean lines of a modern aesthetic. Modern styles can also step away from a traditional design by customizing the roof design through the use of creative rafter and stringer spacing or creating a true one-of-a-kind structure with motorized canopies or louvres.

Smart Pergolas provide a decorative flourish to sundecks, terraces, lawns, and patios and can be designed to contrast or complement the existing aesthetic. From minimalist industrial to traditional, there are many finishes, colours, and design features to achieve the look you desire.

#4 Increase Profitability and Property Values

Luxurious outdoor living spaces are a huge asset to any property. The right type of pergola will expand your home or business to its full potential. Hotels and restaurants can attract more customers with fully sheltered seating areas, and homeowners can enhance the market value of their property with a covered backyard kitchen, meditation retreat, or poolside patio pergola.

#5 Elevate the Ambiance of Your Space

Smart Pergolas can be customized with your choice of colour and finish, lighting, automated privacy screens, as well as heating and cooling systems to elevate the ambience of your outdoor living space. They can also be designed to accommodate any dimension and installed as a freestanding structure or building extension.

#6 highly customizable and very little maintenance

Smart pergolas are highly customizable and perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Lighter weight than wood, aluminium requires very little maintenance throughout its life. Its nonporous surface allows the pergola structure to stand up to the elements without fear of rotting and aluminium is protected by a layer of aluminium oxide which protects it from rust. Aluminium structures are available in many colours when finished via anodizing, liquid paint or powder coating. Sublimation can create a wood grain look, making finishing options for aluminium pergolas open to a great deal of customization. To keep an aluminium pergola looking great requires simple yearly cleaning with a non-toxic/non-corrosive cleaner as well as checking for loose connections.

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