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Pergolas are beautiful garden structures, providing shade and an elegant design feature to your garden that attracts the eye.

Motorised Pergolas with blinds and sliding doors are great for creating more relaxing dining or reading space and adding extra privacy to the outdoors.

There are several options to add on pergolas such as heaters, lights, motorised blinds and sliding doors. You can add heaters to make the warmer area in the winter, lights can bring an amazing mood at night, and you can cover the pergola with motorised blinds or sliding doors.

Firstly, if you need guidance on how to choose the best shading systems for your garden, read our blog post here. After that, you can focus on how to expand your pergola.

Motorised pergola

Sliding Doors

Our glazing range is a perfect addition to your outdoor spaces, whether around your balcony, or your veranda, or to create an enclosure around your pergola. With the choices of glazing systems, you can control the temperature in your desired space, and also allow access and ventilation through a variety of different opening options that are available.

The possibilities are endless, from covering the terraces of exclusive hotels, restaurants or sophisticated resorts to creating a cozy environment within the greenery of your private botanical garden. Focusing on innovative design, high quality and exceptional customer service, we aim to bring the ultimate in contemporary style and sophistication to your outdoor space.

Our array of glazing systems has proved to be a real hit for all seasons. With a wide selection of different components here at GOSS Outdoor we give our clients a chance to build their dream space in any way they fancy.

We specialise in combining bespoke systems which are designed to suit the unique needs of our clients and different sites in order to revolutionise your outdoor living – please contact us for further details.

Motoriesed Pergola

Motorised pergola blinds

Incorporate new, advanced technology in your home with top of the range motorised blinds system with fabrics from Serge Ferrari. These perfect elements are a recipe for establishing a private area with remote-controlled operation, easily turning your shading systems to be smart and functional.

They can be vertical, horizontal, and traditional shading through to the modern, innovative, and stylish guillotine format. The advantages of a motorised blind are that it eliminates the requirement for an operating cord. They are the ultimate in convenience and a necessity if your windows are large or out of reach.

Our automatic blinds provide your home with optimal light enhancement and the utmost convenience. Wherever you are in your home, regulate the light and temperature with the simple press of a button.

Motorised blinds are great for blocking heat loss in winter and reducing heat in the summer. It gives more chances to have privacy. Easy to use with remote control, and also provide security.

Do you know how to maintenance of your shadings?

As you all know, winter can bring very strong and difficult weather conditions in the UK such as floods and storms. Once winter arrives, there are a few more things you can do to maintain the condition of your shadings. For keeping your awning safe during extremely bad weather conditions, keep it closed. Before you prepare your awning for winter, our most important tip is, to allow the awning fabric to dry properly before the last retraction. Otherwise, there is a risk of mold and mildew stains. Clean it first, then put your awning away for the winter.

If you see the snow starting to pile up on your pergola, sweep or shovel it away. Pay attention not to let the excessive accumulation of snow on your structure. This reduces the weight on your structure and doesn’t allow the snow to freeze to your rafters.

Basic care and maintenance provide long service life. If you want to see more information check it out here.