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Patio upgrade or concrete patio makeover doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Looking for ways to revamp an old concrete patio into a stylish outdoor space? Here are five easy patio makeover ideas that can help you create an inviting outside area to relax and entertain.

Modern Patio Furniture & An Outdoor Rug

With a few pieces of chic furniture and an outdoor rug, your patio addition will feel more like a natural extension of your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune on outdoor décor. While home improvement stores have a great selection of patterned, weather-resistant rugs, consider picking up some vintage items at your local thrift store for a mix-and-match aesthetic.

Stain the Concrete to Mimic Tile

Stone and porcelain tiles are gorgeous but can be costly to install. For a stunning transformation, skip the expense, and use stain to make your concrete slab resemble tile. Once you determine the pattern and size of the tiles you want to create, use tape to form faux grout lines before applying the stain. Once you are done with the various layers of staining, remove the tape. When the stain is dry, apply a concrete sealer with a paint atomizer to seal your new floor.

Add a Louvered Patio Roof



An adjustable louvred pergola transforms a tired-looking patio space into a new patio and a luxurious retreat while giving you control over the environment. Summer, winter, rain, or shine – you are protected from the elements with the touch of a button. Louvres can be closed completely or opened at any angle depending on your preferences. Customize your motorized patio roof with designer colours and finishes, integrated LED lights, heating and cooling elements, or automated privacy screens.

Colourful Container Garden

Barrels, antique pots, tubs, and baskets overflowing with vibrant blooms and greenery are easy ways to revitalize an otherwise drab patio area. Container gardens are perfect for homes short on backyard space and serve a practical purpose when filled with fresh herbs. You’d be surprised by how a few artfully placed flower pots and plants can spruce up your outdoor seating area.

Paint the Concrete with Epoxy Paint

Add visual interest to a worn-out concrete slab by painting it with durable epoxy paint. Before undertaking this DIY project, be sure stains and debris are removed with a thorough pressure washing. Get creative with your paintbrush and incorporate geometric patterns using different shades or consider using a large stencil for a design that speaks to your style.

Sufficient Outdoor Lighting Is Key

One of the most important elements of patio design ideas is to incorporate adequate lighting. You’ll probably be spending a lot of time on your patio during the evenings of warm summer nights so having proper outdoor lighting is obviously important.

The most common types of outdoor lighting are LED’s, incandescent and tiki torches. Choose whichever will go with your patio’s theme the best.

If you’re looking to create a more elegant and formal setting, LED’s are the way to go.

Patio Upgrade to Perfection

Patios are great additions to any home and the design ideas are practically infinite. From flooring to furniture and everything in between, the space you have to work with is your only limitation.

While there are many ways to update an old concrete patio, none offers the functionality, sophistication, and value as a louvred pergola from Fresh Outdoor. Our patio covers boast an innovative control system that rotates the louvres up to 135 degrees for personalized comfort. All of our pergolas are manufactured with high-grade extruded aluminium.

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