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Purchasing a louvred pergola is an undertaking that requires some preparation.

You’ll need to carry out in-depth research to ensure you’re getting the right patio cover for your climate. You’ll also need to consider whether you’d like a free-standing backyard pergola or an attached terrace shelter. Here’s everything you need to prepare for before getting a pergola installed.


Weather Conditions

Consider the climate of the region you live in. Is it usually sunny, or is there a lot of cloud cover and heavy wind?

If you live somewhere with a tropical climate—such as Cairns or Darwin—you’ll likely benefit from an insulated roof pergola. Their wind-resistant, waterproof design makes them ideal for these extreme climates.

If you live in a region with temperate weather conditions, you can get a deck cover with a louvred roof installed. A louvred roof system enables you to adjust the amount of wind or sunlight you want in the space by increasing or decreasing the louvres’ angle. You can operate a modern pergola with remote control. Contemporary pergolas with fixed roofs also have gutter systems that lead water away from the space. 

Louvred pergola

Louvred pergola

Your Budget

The type of pergola you’ll get depends heavily on the budget you’ve kept in mind. A high-quality Louvered Pergola made with strong, resistant material will cost you significantly more than a patio cover that utilizes plastic materials such as PVC, for instance.

Since pergolas are custom-made to match the specifications you detail for size, you’ll usually be paying by the number of square meters of material used. For more information, you’ll need to contact a builder who installs pergolas near you.

The pergola cost of installation will also differ depending on the type of outdoor overhead structures you’re getting. For instance, a louvred cabana with modular units requires very little installation work, so setting it up will be inexpensive. However, the cost of installing a large, pergola will be significantly more.

How Long You’ll Stay In The House

Do you have a special attachment to the house you live in? If you can see yourself living in the same place for years to come, you may want to get a high-end pergola installed. The superior quality of the materials used to manufacture your pergola gives it the ability to withstand heavy rains, harsh sunlight, and high-velocity wind—enabling you to enjoy it for years to come.

On the other hand, if you live in a rental space, you can get a louvred cabana. These technically count as furniture instead of outdoor living structures since they require minimal installation, and you can transport them with you when you leave the house.

Where You Want Your Louvered Pergola Installed

Where you get your patio cover installed depends on the requirements you have from it. If you need a pergola on your deck, it may be wise to get a fixed-roof pergola attached poolside.

If you want to expand your living space, a Louvered Pergola in your backyard would be perfect for you. It’s also an excellent space for barbeques, children’s playtime, or tea in the evening. You can add flowers and vines to add character and make your outdoor overhead structure more attractive.

You can get a patio cover attached to your house if you want your outdoor space to be an extension of your indoor area. The 2 post pergola would have one wall affixed to your home and an overhead cover for sun and rain protection.

pergola installer

pergola installer

Orientation In The Background

If your pergola is attached to the roof of your home, your space will usually receive quite a bit of shade. If you live in a sunny region, you may want to use shading windows. However, photochromic windows may make the space too dark in the late afternoon.

If you’re getting a pergola installed in your backyard, you’ll want it in a space that enables it to match your landscaping. A pergola with large plants or trees to the side will make your outdoor space look more natural.

If you’re getting a pergola, you can control the rafters’ orientation, so you don’t need to worry about shade.

A white Louvered Pergola will go well with all types of backyards, and decks. A pergola in a neutral shade—such as silver, or grey— will blend easily in gardens. You want to make sure that your modern structure doesn’t clash with your space. Instead, you want to feel at peace due to the environmental harmony you’ve cultivated through your pergola.


Most pergola manufacturers will charge you by square footage or the number of modules you get installed. Your patio cover will be custom-made to match the amount of space you have available.

Modular pergolas are perfect for smaller backyards, while fixed-roof or pergolas are ideal for patios and decks.

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