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Purchasing a car is one of the biggest investments that you can make. We pay out so much on our vehicles, that it makes sense that we want to protect it in order to achieve a good resale value when it is time to move on. Yet still, many people fail to think about the exposure to the elements that their car has to put up with.

However, a customised carport has a substantial advantage over the traditional garage. They are easier to build as well, and you can choose from expert carport designs to find one that not only looks great but provides a decent shade to your vehicle as well. However, a single style of carports to fit every one’s different needs and requirements does not exist in the world.

So, if you’re thinking about investing in a carport, here are some of the best reasons why a customised modern carport is a necessity in your life.

Customised Carports

Protecting your car from harsh elements

Parking your vehicles outside can be very destructive to the exterior and interior of it. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and if it’s too harsh in the area you live in, it could damage your cars very badly. Many people who don’t have a garage are forced to park their cars outside under the open sky. This way, they are exposed to harsh weather such as rain, sleet, hail, sun, and snow. Installing a carport would be a simple solution to protect from all that damage.

Carports can be customised to have a roof and sides or just roof, and even though it might not cover the cars fully, using a carport is still a lot better than leaving your cars out in the open.

More Affordable than a Garage

Even people who have garages in their homes choose to park their cars underneath a carport. The reason for that is simple. Most people have a lot of clutter and storage items in their garage, which means there is less space to park their vehicles. Garages are also used as secondary rooms by many people, which is why they don’t want to park their cars inside.

A carport solves the problem of parking your cars if your garage is filled with storage items or is being used as an additional living space. The open layout of the carport means you can easily park two cars and not worry about space.

Provides More space

Carports are not only for those who don’t own a garage. People with a garage can also get a carport installed. Carports come in many sizes. If you are out of storage space in your garage, you can always move some of your vehicles into the carport for extra space.

You can also store other items under the carport at the same time. Bicycles, firewood, or some boxes with other items. Depending on the size of the carport you choose, and whether you want a completely open model, or a carport with sides, you can store items as well as your car.

Customised Carport

A Customised Carport can Host Parties

Many people use their carports for hanging out with their friends when they are having a party. If you have a cookout on the weekend and it is too hot to stand or sit underneath the sun, you can shift your seating area underneath the carport. You can also set up your grill under it and have a party by hanging some lanterns and lights underneath it.

The open atmosphere will keep everyone cool and ensure you can relax with your friends and family while enjoying an excellent barbecue. Your party will go on long into the night, and you can enjoy the day without worrying about providing shade to your guests.

The carport could be customised to meet your aesthetic taste, becoming the perfect shelter for your guests! Many carports are pretty as large summer houses without the door and windows and can be easily transformed into a dancefloor or bar area. Perfect to keep your guests entertained and dry. No need to cancel the party!

Protect Cars from theft

We all know it is easier for our cars to get stolen if they are parked outside or on the street. When it is parked inside a carport, it creates a boundary that would help frighten would-be criminals. Surprisingly, carports provide much more protection to vehicles than garages do. The vehicles are visible to homeowners, and it would be a lot easier to spot a thieve trying to break into a car or if they are thinking about vandalising them


If you move a lot or rent your property and your landlord won’t let you build a garage, then a carport might be the solution for you. It could go wherever you go. All you must do is disassemble it and you are good to go. They have open sides and only a roof. If you have installed an open carport, you will not have to worry about opening doors when carrying something heavy from the car to your house. For example, after a market trip, carrying groceries won’t seem too much of a hassle.

Energy efficiency

Owning a garage can raise your electricity bills if you didn’t know. On the other hand, a carport is a lot more energy-efficient than a garage. A carport doesn’t need lights, electronic door openers, and other expensive features that cost a lot as well as drain energy. Installing carports would help you reduce your costs greatly. You could also make use of the sun, with a solar carport to turn your carport as an energy provider to your house or your electric vehicles.

Raises Your Home’s Value

Perhaps the best reason to invest in a carport instead of a garage is that it can increase the property value of your home. It’s a major home improvement, and getting an additional structure set up on your property will always raise its value. That makes it one of the best investments you will ever make, and it ensures that you reap the rewards for the long term.

The best part is that if you decide to move, you can take your carport with you if the new owner doesn’t want it. You can then set it up on your new property and enjoy the same benefits as you did before without spending any money.

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