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Detached pergolas provide you and your family with a comfortable outdoor area that enables you to enjoy the sun and breeze while protecting you from harmful weather elements.

But these contemporary pergolas aren’t made using brick or stone. Today, renown pergola manufacturers build structures in aluminium for improved weather-resistance. This equips you with climate management systems that ensure your complete comfort at all times.

Contemporary Pergola’s popularity in Greater Sydney has undoubtedly soared


From reality TV sets to your favourite celebrity’s backyard, pergolas seem to be everywhere on media channels nowadays. As a result, their popularity in Greater Sydney has undoubtedly soared over the last few years.

Homeowners favour using these covers in outdoor spaces since it increases their usable living area. Improving functional areas also adds value to your residence. Furthermore, a pergola increases your curb appeal and can considerably increase your property’s value.

Greater Sydney consumers find pergolas a good investment since they add shade, contrast, colour, and design to the outdoors easily and affordably. You’re likely to love a pergola as well—join Greater Sydney pergola family and find the terrace shelter that’s perfect for you.

Contemporary Pergola

Contemporary Pergola

Pergolas provide you and your family with:


Rain Protection

Many people believe that pergolas let the rain in, but modern innovative louvred pergolas are designed to withstand extreme weather and be watertight. Streamlined gutter systems make these even more functional, draining rainwater away and ensuring that your outdoor space remains dry.

Wind Protection

A high-quality pergola made with durable materials such as aluminium will provide you wind resistance. These materials add stability and strength to the structure.

You can get either a freestanding pergola for your backyard or an attached pergola.  A well-designed, high-quality pergola will withstand the elements and provide you with shade and stylish comfort for many years to come.

Protection Against Sun Exposure

Too much sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays can harm you. This unprotected sun exposure can cause skin cancer and may even lead to eye issues and immune system suppression.

However, it’s essential that you get your daily dose of sunlight while protecting yourself from UV rays. That’s because the human body gets its Vitamin D from the sunlight.

The slatted roof of a louvred pergola allows the right amount of sunlight into your outdoor sitting space. Bioclimatic pergolas offer sun protection in the summer and heat and light penetration in the winter, so you can get all the healthful benefits of sunlight.

Pergola With Louvred Roof

Pergola With Louvred Roof

Improved Airflow

Pergolas are popular since they enable homeowners to adjust the temperature of their outdoor surroundings.

While a full screen or cover on your pergola will protect you against sun exposure, it’ll also limit the airflow. You won’t be able to appreciate breezes as fully as you would with a motorized pergola.

You can open or close the louvres on motorized pergolas with the touch of a button. This feature allows you to enjoy fresh air and light breezes by opening your louvre at the exact angle you want. 

Temperature Control

When air flows through a restricted opening, the pressure increases, thereby causing it to travel faster. This principle is known as the Venturi effect. In the FreshOutdoor pergola, the Venturi effect takes place when air flows through the blades on the roof. The FreshOutdoor’s design offers you protection against the sun’s harsh rays while making the mildest summer breezes much more refreshing.

During the winter, completely opening your pergola’s louvres enables heat and light to penetrate the space and make it more comfortable and warm. If you want a cozy nook to read a book or enjoy your morning coffee, you can set up a bench and a few plants to make your pergola homier. No matter the weather, the FreshOutdoor pergola is the ideal relaxation spot.

What Does A Contemporary Pergola Add To Your House?



There are many lattice-covered and solid pergolas on the market, but they can’t be adjusted for temperature and extreme weather. High-quality pergola manufacturers offer motorized louvred roofs that are entirely adjustable. For days that feel stuffy, press a button and convert the solid top to one that provides you with 50% airflow.

Curb Appeal

Pergolas transform the look of your backyard and extend your functional living space, thereby increasing its value. By adding a pergola and maintaining it, you’re sure to make more money when you sell your home. Real estate agents and homebuyers will find it a beautiful addition—especially when they see its motorized roof and bioclimatic features.


While pergolas are open structures, patio roofs that open and close help you add privacy to your backyard. Moreover, you can use drapes to cover the sides of the pergola and shield yourself from prying eyes. If you want to be one with nature and protect your privacy, louvred pergolas are the way to go.

Al Fresco

Every day can be a picnic with the right pergola. Invite your friends over for an open-air barbeque or have your Sunday brunch al-fresco in your outdoor living space. The open-air, comfortable seating and the smell of good food combined with the fresh scent of flowers and grass will make your al-fresco experience truly enjoyable.

Add Color And Contrast

A vast, open backyard may be great for kids to play in. However, if you’re a fan of hosting parties, you’ll love how a pergola adds contrast to your outdoor space and breaks the monotony of a grass-covered lawn.

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