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An ideal day beneath your automatic louvred pergola

The intuitive smart features built into Fresh Outdoor Pergola will truly make the most of your outdoor living space. Just imagine spending a full day under your automatic louvred pergola.

Start the morning with the roof fully open as you enjoy the soft morning light with a cup of coffee. As the sun creeps higher, you adjust the louvres for partial shade. Once the sun peaks, you completely close the louvres to block out the most heat-intensive rays of the day.

After lunch, you hear there’s going to be rain, but you stay reclined in your chaise knowing the integrated rain sensor will detect the first drop and close the roof. As the rain intensifies, the insulated dual-walled louvres dampen the noise of the raindrops and channel the water away while you stay perfectly dry. Now, sneak a look at your neighbour rushing into the rainstorm to keep their patio umbrella from flying away or to crank in their retractable awning.

When the rain subsides, the evening falls and built-in LED lights come up as the insect screens lower for a pest-free dinner. After dessert, you feel a chill coming on, and with a flip of the infrared heater, the night carries on in pure comfort. As you head to bed for the night, you spot the neighbours out lashing down their sunshade and you remember the forecast called for an overnight storm as you drift off to sleep knowing the pergola can protect your investment even in hurricane-force winds.

How does Fresh Outdoor automatic louvred pergola stand out from the competition?

Not all automatic louvred pergola on the market are the same. While many may look similar from afar, ensuring the longevity of your pergola investment requires you to look under the hood a bit. After more than 20 years designing and manufacturing the highest quality pergolas, the lessons we’ve learned and our attention to detail can be seen in many aspects, including:


Fresh Outdoor dealers do not cut aluminium in segments out in the field like most other manufacturers because it requires finishing the joints with caulk, which is prone to leaks. Fresh Outdoor’s dual-walled louvres are made from factory-cut solid extruded aluminium, utilizing precision robot cutting machines. This level of precision is what ensures zero water intrusion areas.


Fresh Outdoor’s louvres extend all the way to the edge of the pergola frame and are sealed with grommets, which means no light can shine through when closed and no rain can permeate the closed roof. The tight seal combined with the integrated retractable screens also keeps out bugs.


Safety is the number one priority during pergola engineering. In designing a pergola for the specific location, Fresh Outdoor’s engineers will take into account ground conditions. Weather factors are also considered.
Using CAD and 3D modelling, a rendering of the pergola can be created that allows you to visualize the final design.


Blades: Powder Coated Structural Grade Aluminium
Gutters: Powder Coated Structural Grade Aluminium
End Plates: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Fixings: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Fresh Outdoor automatic louvred pergola are engineered & manufactured in accordance with the wind & design codes of Australia, NZ, Asia, Europe & the United States, offer you:

automatic louvred pergola

automatic louvred pergola

Wind protection
Durability, thereby ensuring that your roof lasts long
Rain protection
Sun protection
Complete control of the slats
The convenience of no maintenance

Fresh Outdoor roof systems not only improve lifestyle and adds investment to your home but it is extremely energy efficient, controlling ventilation, natural light and insulation from heat. It is the ultimate outdoor roof solution.

For a more precise quotation, we provide a free service where we visit the site and discuss design and budget options with you and create a plan and/or a 3D design on your house for you.

Should you require any further assistance please feel free to get in touch with the Fresh Outdoor team today on 18008 37374.