Outdoor living spaces are a fantastic way to reap the therapeutic benefits of nature. One of the easiest ways to transform a backyard, pool patio, or deck into a year-round sanctuary is with a Fresh Outdoor adjustable pergola.

Whether freestanding or built to cover your adjacent patio, a pergola defines your outdoor space, protects against the elements, and adds visual interest to any home or business. If you are new to motorized pergolas engineered with extruded aluminium, read on to discover the many benefits and advantages over their wooden counterparts.

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Adjustable pergola – Delivers on-demand shade or sun

In contrast to a conventional wood pergola which offers limited shade due to its fixed position, an adjustable louvred roof features 135-degree rotation, allowing you to open or close the slats at different angles depending on your preference. Leave them open for unobstructed views or angle them slightly for cooling shade.

Options to customize

Aluminium pergolas are custom built for you and can be customized in any number of ways to create the aesthetic you desire.

Over 50 classic and designer colours and finishes

Integrated LED lighting

Adjustable Pergola

Adjustable Pergola

Adding lights to a pergola is not only practical as it allows for pergola use at night, it is also a way to add ambience to the structure and create a beautiful and peaceful experience. The options for lighting are wide-ranging. Here are a few ideas:

Flood/Spot lights: Adding a flood light to the pergola design creates pleasing pools of light without becoming overwhelming.

Pendant lights: Pendant lights that define or enhance the design and aesthetic of the pergola can be hung from the structure. Available in nearly any style or design, there’s sure to be one that works perfectly.

Led stripe lights: They are an easy addition to a pergola design as they can be attached to the structure. These lights create soft lighting that adds a relaxing element to the outdoor space.

Column mounted lanterns: Mounting lanterns to the pergola columns is a great way to define the outer structure while inviting soft lighting into the seating or dining area.

Designer fans

Automated screens for added privacy and pest control

Depending on the placement of the pergola and its surroundings, additional shade may be needed on the sides to create a comfortable outdoor living space. The setting sun, breezy winds and rain are a few factors that could render a pergola less comfortable and reduce its use during those times.

But installing a pergola shade on one or more sides can block the elements and increase the level of pergola usage while also creating additional privacy.

Screens can be purchased in multiple dimensions or custom cut to perfectly fit the structure. A variety of colour and fabric density choices mean that there will be a screen to complement and enhance any pergola design.

Architectural screens can be added to a pergola to create additional privacy and shade while simultaneously adding an interesting visual design element.

Infratech heating systems

In many areas, as fall and winter set in, pergola use declines with the cold weather, and chilly spring air can delay the use of a pergola, but including a heater in the pergola design can extend the time the pergola can be used throughout the year.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Extruded aluminium is non-porous and built to withstand tough weather conditions for decades. This material is an excellent choice for its minimal upkeep. There is no risk of pest infestation, warping, rot, or mould with a Fresh Outdoor aluminium pergola.

Proven Durability

All components are coated with a superior grade exterior powder coating, making them extremely resistant to rust or corrosion. Powder-coated aluminium outperforms other pergola materials, ensuring longevity and better value for the money.


A motorized aluminium pergola roof has a higher up-front price tag but fewer maintenance costs compared to wood, which needs to be sanded, stained and sealed regularly. In the long term, the aluminium material is a smarter investment.

Timeless beauty for your outdoor living space

When it comes to luxury pergolas, no other material delivers the beauty, versatility and durability of aluminium. Take advantage of our design team’s skill to create a spectacular outdoor space that will welcome friends, guests and family for decades to come.

Custom adjustable aluminium pergolas

Reach out to Fresh Outdoor Sydney to learn more about our luxury louvred roof systems for commercial and residential settings. Please feel free to get in touch with the Fresh Outdoor team today on 18008 37374.


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